BlackBerry Unveils Cybersecurity Software Aimed at Self-Driving Cars

BlackBerry Ltd. launched a new cybersecurity software, called BlackBerry Jarvis, on January 15. The software product is being targeted initially toward automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to predict and identify any gaps and vulnerabilities in the software used in various automobiles, notably for autonomous cars. Jarvis seems particularly helpful for OEMs to get rapid insights into their complex supply chains. The product finds compelling use in self-driving cars as it would ensure the code compliance according to manufacturer-specific as well as the automotive industry standards.

The Canadian software maker considers Jarvis a game changing product and is offering the product as a cloud-based offering on pay-as-you-go basis. The Executive Chairman and CEO unveiled the product recently at North American International Auto Show (January 13-28, 2018). Other industry verticals that have possible use cases for Jarvis include industrial automation, healthcare, defense, and aerospace.

Cloud-based Offering Customized for OEMs available as Pay-As-You-Go Model

For autonomous vehicles, original equipment manufacturers use a vast assortment of software components, a majority of which are preferably provided by third-party vendors. This opens the software vulnerable to critical security breaches by hackers and cybercriminals. They work with a distributed network grapple with the challenge of human error slowing down their production cycles and supply chain. The cloud-based software is customized for the specific needs of various OEMs by offering a near real-time view of the security status across different stages of their complex supply chain. Apart from the functionality to scan files, intuitive dashboards with alerts and caution are the differentiating product features, states the maker.

Jarvis Successfully Tested in Jaguar Land Rover unit

BlackBerry already tested its product in Jaguar Land Rover unit and found it to effective in enhancing the vehicle’s safety, expediting time-to-market, considerably reducing the time to access code. In September last year, the company announced that it will collaborate with Delphi Technologies for operating systems used in autonomous cars. Of note, it has signed a couple of deals with some prominent automotive players in recent times, focused on self-driving car technology.

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