Biosolids Market Benefitting from Stringent Regulations Regarding Emissions Laid by Governments Worldwide

Transparency Market Research has published a new report, titled “Biosolids Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2026.” Biosolids are used extensively for various purposes, like as a crop Fertilizer in the field of agriculture, energy recovery, mine reclamation, and water treatment. Throughout the world, there is a boost in the number of agricultural activities carried out in the agricultural sector, this will ultimately lead to the growth in demand for biosolids throughout the world. There is an extensive usage of biosolids In energy production, since heat is generated with the help of biosolids as fuel. Also, strict government regulations regarding emissions act as a factor that takes forward the biosolids market, thus the wastewater generated from factories and chemical plants can be treated in an acceptable level, ultimately bolstering the demand for biosolids. With the usage of biosolids, there is an environment friendly technique of replacing the hazardous chemical fertilizers.

Biosolids or treated sludge are used extensively in a variety of applications, out of which agriculture makes the maximum usage of biosolids market. However, because of lack of advancement technologically in the biosolids market, this market hasn’t been able to reach its true potential, and high investment along with significant costs of operation also act as a restraint in the biosolids market.

In the emerging countries of America and Europe, the biosolid market is presently growing. Due to the existence of a variety of agricultural activities, emerging economies offer tremendous growth opportunities for the biosolids market. In the years to come, the high consumption of biosolids in both non-agricultural as well as agricultural purposes throughout the world along with the growing usages of energy is going to carry forward this market in the years to come.

On the basis of application, the biosolids market is divided into energy production, non-agricultural land application, and agricultural land application. On the basis of class, the biosolids market is divided into class A, Class A-EQ, and class B. And region wise, the biosolids market is spread across Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America and Asia Pacific. Currently it is North America that is dominating this market globally. During the assessment period, it is predicted that the European market of biosolids is predicted to grow noticeably, and it is predicted that it will be followed by Asia Pacific.

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The report studies prominent players operating in the biosolids market. It discusses the various challenges faced by these players and the strategies adopted by them to overcome these challenges. The names of the players are Wm. H. Reilly & Company, Casella Organics, Biodisk Corp., Alka-Tech, and GeoEnvironmet Technologies.

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