Biomaterials Market is Likely to be Driven by Increased Demand for Medical Implants

A biomaterial refers to any substance that is engineered to establish an interaction with various biological systems for different medical needs – either a diagnostic or a therapeutic one. Therapeutic method repairs or replaces, augments, and treats tissue functions of the human body. Biomaterials, as a science, have its existence since the last fifty years.

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This material can be both synthetic and natural. It comprises polymers, ceramics, and metals. The global biomaterials market is estimated to observe considerable growth with its rising utilization in the medical industry. These materials find extensive use in various tasks of the medical industry such as implants, heart valves, and tissue repair. Each of the biomaterials is chosen according the purpose of end user applications in such a way that advantages of the chosen material outweigh its disadvantages.

Biomaterials Market to Observe Growth in Augmented Investment by Government Agencies

Typically, the main purpose of use of a biomaterial substance is to make replacement of a missing piece or part of a body through replication of the missing structure or to augment functionalities of a body part. Biomaterials find use in a wide variety of implants such as stents, vascular grafts, skin transplants, heart valves, and hip joints, which is estimated to boost the global biomaterials market. Biomaterials also find use in less intrusive contexts such as wound care and contact lenses. Some of the common metals that are used as biomaterials comprise stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, gold, and nickel-titanium alloy.

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The global biomaterials market is likely to gather momentum from increased flow of grants and funds from various government bodies for invention of novel biomaterials. In addition, increased prevalence of cardiovascular diseases together with augmented demand for medical implants is likely to boost the global biomaterials market in the years to come. Countries like Japan, India, and China are likely to emerge as regions with immense growth prospects for the market.

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