Biofuels Capable Of Substituting Conventional Fossil Fuels

The aviation sector is highly dependent on petroleum-based fuels and is incredibly energy intensive. Fuel requirement in this sector crossed more than 5 million barrels per day thus, making it the highest energy consuming industry. And shifting from petroleum-based fuel to renewable energy with the existing technologies isn’t easy.

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory proved that the competitiveness of renewable energy against conventional petroleum. Scientists are vouching on sustainable plant-based bio-jet fuels if on-going developments and growing efforts will encourage these developments.

The Energy & Environmental Science journal published evidence of optimum utilization of biofuel production pipeline published. It is highly difficult to electrify aviation through fuel cells or batteries due to their weight restrictions on aircraft. Therefore, liquid biofuels have a high chance of greenhouse gas emission reductions.

A research team is working on biological routes to advanced bio-jet fuel blends. Bio-jet fuel originates from plant-based sugar and has properties that would provide an advantage over conventional jet fuels.

Processing Mass Production of Jet Fuels

JBEI (Joint BioEnergy Institute) developed fuel synthesis technologies and biomass deconstruction; it is likely that the cost of bio-jet fuel could decline in the coming years. Currently, the price of bio-jet fuel is US$16 per gallon against $300,000 per gallon at the time of JBEI establishment. On the other hand, the price of standard jet fuel is about $2.50 per gallon. Further, the net price of a gallon of biofuel might decline if airlines offered even a modest financial credit for emissions reduction.

Moreover, the commercial scope of fuel derived through plant-based compounds is comparatively high than petroleum-based counterparts. Still getting the biofuel production technology to the gold-standard yields up to these simulations will require a further advance.

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