Bill to Make Driverless Cars Real Finds Support from the U.S Senate

In a bold, game-changing move the U.S. Senate panel sped up the development of self-drive cars by passing a bill. This also means that the cars will not face any hindrance from the state regulatory authorities either. Currently the bill is waiting to be cleared by the Senate vote, but is estimated to see the light of the day very soon. A recent report states that this move will improve the profits for several automobile manufacturers as they move closer to the day when robot cars will be driven alongside cars controlled by humans. The big players in the market such as General Motors Co, Alphabet Inc, and Ford Motor Co have all worked towards getting this legislation passed. On the other hands, these companies are also considering the worries of safety groups to improve their safety standards.

New Bill to Exempt Automakers from Certain Safety Regulations
While this legislation is likely to have a positive influence on the overall passenger car segment, the process of self-drive commercial trucks is still likely to be slow. The bill will help automobile makers gain a few exemptions from safety rules and regulations that demand human controls. It will also allow states to set procedures for licensing, registration, insurance, liability, and safety inspections.

Alphabet and Tesla Inc Announce Plans to Work on Commercial Driverless Trucks
The automobile developers are working towards overcoming technical challenges such as dangers of putting a driverless car next to a driver-run car. According to GM that were six crashes in September alone that involved driverless cars. Though the accidents are minor, there were external factors to be blamed. On another note, Alphabet, Tesla Inc, Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] and others are working on developing commercial trucks.

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