Better Packaging Fuels the Growth of Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market

Food and Beverages industry is constantly looking for better packaging solutions. As a result, the manufacturers of packaging materials are using various techniques and technologies that can enhance the life of their products. One such technique is treating the polymer with nucleating and clarifying agents. These agents provides high degree of mechanical properties to the polymer along with better optical properties like transparency to the packaging materials. Hence, growing demand for better packaging solutions from food and beverages industry is the key factor propelling the growth of global nucleating and clarifying agents market in present time.

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What’s Trending in Global Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market?

Currently there are few trends that propels the growth of global nucleating and clarifying agents market. These trends determine whether the market shall experience forward or negative growth in next few years. So, let’s have a look at these trends and understand they are impacting the growth of the market.

  • Growing Demand for Polymers like PET, PE, and PP: Packaging industry is thriving on products with abilities such as damage resistance, thermostatic, anti-microbial. Hence the industry is calling for polymers such as PET, PP, and PE. These polymers offer better durability to packaging materials making them cost-effective. As result of growing demand for these polymers in packaging sector, the demand for nucleating and clarifying agents has also spiked in past few years. Based on this and forthcoming demand by the industry the global nucleating and clarifying agents market shall witness a robust growth.
  • Rising Demand for Efficient Waste Management: The world is filled with plastic that can cover entire earth more than 100 times. There is a huge demand to either recycle or manage this plastic waste. Nucleating and clarifying agents can substantially reduce the cycle time of the polymer which can be further converted into a useful thing. Based on this properties of the agents, the global nucleating and clarifying agents market is expected to grow at a consistent rate in future.

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