Benefits of Bidets over Toilet Papers and Shortage of Toilet Papers during Pandemic Paving Way for Growth of Bidets Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. The emergency lockdown measures to curb the menace of SARS –CoV-2 led to numerous countries implementing lockdowns. This eventually resulted in the hoarding of goods in the stores and a spike in panic buying.

Toilet papers were the most hoarded items during this time and a shortage of toilet papers were recorded due to increased demand. This is when people started focusing on bidets. Therefore, the use of bidets as a replacement to toilet papers may churn good growth for the global bidets market across the forecast period of 2019-2029.

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A plethora of benefits are associated with bidets that make them a preferable option among a considerable chunk of the populace. Here are some major benefits of bidets when compared to toilet papers that assist the bidets market to steer toward growth.

Escalated Hygiene

Toilet papers do not assure a full sweep of the area and may prove to be unhygienic. Bidets are more efficient in cleaning the entire area smoothly. Thus, this prospect brings immense growth prospects for the bidets market.

Enhanced Skin Protection

Toilet papers contain chemicals and perfumed fragrances than can prove to be a skin-irritant, especially among the elders and children. In addition, toilet papers are rough on the skin and may cause skin problems. On the other hand, using bidets eliminates the chances of skin irritation. Therefore, this aspect may serve as a prominent growth accelerator.

Good For Long-Term

The long-term savings of bidets outweighs the short-term use of toilet papers. Furthermore, toilet papers increase the amount of waste, and using bidets helps in reducing this waste. A single roll of toilet paper involves 37 gallons of water for production, while a bidet just uses one-eighth of a gallon per use.

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