Bariatric Surgical Devices Market: Rising Obesity and Related Health Issues, Growing Health Concerns to Boost Market,

Bariatric surgery is mainly used to refer to the number of weight-loss procedures. Bariatric surgical procedures are carried out for the treatment of comorbid condition which are associated with morbid obesity, which require bariatric surgery devices. Bariatric surgery involves modification in the gastrointestinal tract by which either the amount of food that the stomach can intake is restricted or the nutrients that are absorbed in the intestinal tract are restricted.

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Bariatric surgery is proven to be effective over alternate treatment options for obesity associated comorbid conditions and is also viable in terms of cost and faster recovery. Moreover, increasing number of facilities that offer bariatric surgical procedures and favorable government policies for bariatric procedures to be covered by insurance are favoring the bariatric surgery devices market.

Closure Devices Segment to Showcase High CAGR, Being Minimally Invasive

The international bariatric surgical devices market may be segmented on the basis of the type of device, and by the end user. The device type segment sees further division into sub-segments, among which, the closure device segment is anticipated to witness a strong CAGR.  In 2016, suturing devices held dominant market share. However, the forecast period is expected to foresee higher popularity of closure devices. Closure devices are minimally invasive, require instant closure of the incision made during surgery. Due to these advantages over other devices, the closure devices segment is predicted to register tremendous growth.

Sedentary Lifestyle and Rising Health Concerns to Provide Lucrative Market Opportunities

The global market for bariatric surgical devices is predicted to rise on account of a number of factors, providing ample market opportunities. The rising prevalence of obesity among people in developed and even developing nations is a primary factor providing growth opportunities to the bariatric surgeries market. Prevalence of obesity and rising health concerns along with increasing spending abilities are leading to higher demand of bariatric procedures. Moreover, there is and increasing demand of the procedures to be less-invasive. There has been a steady rise in qualified surgeons over the years, leading to competitive availability. The growing awareness among people about the health risks of obesity, and governmental initiatives to provide coverage for these surgeries is also a huge contributing factor.

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