Ballast Water Treatment Gains Demand with Rising Government Mandates

San Francisco, California, February 05, 2018 – The global ballast water treatment market is researched to be substantially supported by the rise of government mandates that put an obligation on ships on the part of the installation of ballast water treatment systems. With a view to sustain marine ecological balance, ships have not only been instructed to install the systems but also to chart out an effective ballast water treatment plan. A report by TMR Research titled “Ballast Water Treatment Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” offers a detailed account of important trends and opportunities and other crucial aspects.

Specialized agencies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have been the vanguard for preventing marine pollution by ships and taking accountability for the security and safety of shipping. The IMO had released a convention in the recent past that dealt with the management and control of sediments and ballast of ships. Ships executing de-ballasting and ballasting procedures in their terrestrial waters have been mandated to fulfill the own requisites of port state officials functioning across the globe.

It could be significant to note that the demand in the world ballast water treatment market has been predicted to rise on the back of the swelling volume of marine trade. This could be due to the economical nature of marine trade in comparison with air cargo trade. Ships around the world have been installing ballast water treatment systems to help combat the rise in healthcare worries across the shipping industry. One of the critical issues faced by shipping authorities is aquatic species invading the ship’s ballast. This carries a dangerous risk of germs making it to the main vessel.

There could be other issues faced by the shipping industry, such as the storage of disinfected by-products generated post the treatment of ballast water. Players operating in the world ballast water treatment market are also expected to come face to face with the challenge of a hindered growth. This could be evident with the burden of shipping companies to adhere to constantly changing government regulations and policies that relate to ballast water treatment. However, just as every cloud has a silver lining, players could heave a sigh of relief as government and marine bodies implement new conventions that oblige shipping companies to install ballast water treatment systems.

According to the report, the international ballast water treatment market is foreseen to be segregated as per type of ship, capacity, service, and technology. If the geographical classification of the market is taken into consideration, there could be lucrative prospects birthing in Asia Pacific. This region is foretold by the researchers authoring the report to hold a premier status in the market. It has been contributing to the rise of ancillary and shipping industries because of the strong trade of commodities such as electronic devices and components, automotive components, and oils and chemicals facilitated by leading harbors and ports.

Any player operating in the international ballast water treatment market may be required to compete with some of the prominent companies such as Ecochlor Inc., Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, and Wärtsilä Corporation. The report provides a comprehensive study of the competitive landscape so that players could devise accurate strategies to face future challenges beforehand. Besides this, it offers a detailed account of how the market could shape in the coming years.

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