Baler Market in 2021 | Detailed Analysis Report

The growing global initiative aimed towards recycling and changes in the age old traditional farming methods all over the world are seen contributing to the Baler market. Balers are the equipment or the machines used for the purpose of harvesting straw and hay. Balers are essentially a type of farm machinery that is being used to compress the crops in the agricultural fields. These machines are implemented widely in the agricultural sector as well as the recycling facilities around the world.

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Balers are available in different types, sizes, and shapes. Some of the common types of Balers include industrial balers, rectangular balers, round balers, and square balers. All of these types are usually utilized in the farming operations.

Farmers are switching from their traditional way of operations and opting for modern, digitized, and automated operative styles. The ever increasing global population along with the expansion of several integrated industries are major contributory factors for the rise of the agricultural tools markets, such as baler market.

Lack of technical knowledge about operation can be a barrier to the Baler market

In developing countries like India and China, the high initial cost as well as the maintenance cost is proving to be a barrier for the Baler market. Furthermore, since the operation of Baler machines require some degree of technical knowledge, only a small number of farmers in developed countries are opting for Baler machines as well. Baler manufacturers are likely to provide trainings to educate the farmers about their machinery to increase the sale and the awareness.

Asia Pacific region is projected to capture the global baler market in coming years. Since a majority of farmers in United States of America and Canada choose new technology and new equipment, it is expected that in coming years, North America will see the growth in Baler market.

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A few major key players in the baler market are Krone, John Deere & Company, New Holland Corporation, Shen Yang Fang Ke, and Kubota Corporation.

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