Azure Cloud Service to Expand by Microsoft Signing Government Contract

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that they will expand their Azure cloud service to help government clients save data on their own servers. This feature would be available in the first quarter of 2019, and is mainly being carried out to bag a US$10 million contract with Pentagon.

More Insights into the Cloud Service Expansion Processes by Microsoft
But, Microsoft is not the only one present in this competition. Rather the tech giant will battle it out with the king of e-commerce Amazon for the multi-billion dollar contract with Pentagon. It all started with Google dropping out of the entire scenario after the parent company Alphabet Inc. said that the company’s new ethical guidelines do not match with those of the project. This directly made Microsoft and Amazon stay in contention for getting the highly attractive contract.

The contract from Pentagon is called JEDI – Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. This basically is a cloud computing solution contract that is being implemented as a part of the Department of Defense’s efforts to modernize the country’s IT infrastructure. According to Julia White, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure, by upgrading its Azure cloud service to include the Azure Government secret service, Microsoft will maintain a strong chance for getting their hands on the JEDI contract. In this way, the company will be capable of meeting the highest classification requirement for handling top secret U.S. classified data.

The overall contention is expected to vastly improve Microsoft’s credibility as the provider of state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, bagging a government project is like a feather in a cap, which will certainly help Microsoft expand its service portfolio. From an overall perspective, Microsoft is putting an immense onus onto expanding its Microsoft Azure cloud computing services platform. By spreading its wings onto the Government secret service, the tech giant will be able to massively improve the cloud platform’s operability.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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