Awareness Regarding Medicinal Properties of White Tea Boosts its Demand

Lately, the growth in the global white tea market has been parallel to that of the tea industry. Although a bit less popular than its traditional counterpart, white tea, however, has gained a significant momentum across the world. According to TMR Research, rising awareness regarding medicinal properties, such as high level of anti-oxidants, and health benefits of white tea among consumers is substantially fuelling its demand. However, it also contains high levels of caffeine. The increasing preference for caffeine-free drinks, nowadays, may decelerate this market over the next few years.

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In this blog post, experts at TMR Research answer some of the key queries about the global white tea market:

What are the key trends in the global white tea market?

The key trend in the global white tea market is the increasing usage of white tea in skin care and personal care products. Its high anti-oxidant level has made it a preferred choice for cosmetics manufacturers, globally. Several leading cosmetics brands are using white tea in their anti- aging creams, moisturizers, and body lotions. The demand for natural products is another significant global trend that is influencing the white tea market across the world.

How are the regional white tea markets performing?

Regionally, the white tea market is spread across Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. With the rising awareness regarding the medicinal properties of white tea among consumers, Europe has emerged as a market leader. For similar reasons, the market in Asia Pacific is also witnessing a decent growth. However, the cumulative average growth rate (CAGR) of the Europe white tea market is relatively higher, owing to which, it will be able to retain its position over the next few years. The rise in consumer preference for organic and unprocessed food and beverages is reflected on the demand for white tea in both regions.

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Vicony Teas Co., Zejiang Tea Group co. Ltd., Subodh Brothers Pvt. Ltd., Lanzhou Waltlets Biotech co. Ltd, and Goenka Brothers are key suppliers of white tea across the world.

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