Awareness Regarding Health Benefits to Drive Demand for Lions Mane Mushroom Extract

Mushrooms are used in a variety of cuisines and one of the varieties is now finding growing use as medicinal product. Traditionally, it has been used extensively in Chinese medicine.  And, research proves that these are rich in antioxidants and beta glucan. Additionally, these are also rich in essential minerals such as potassium and zinc. In fact, it is quite interesting to note here that lions mane mushroom is considered to be beneficial for brain development. This is paving way for further acceptance and adoption in nutraceuticals and other fitness products.

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Besides, it is significant to note here that in general, to ensure food security, mushroom cultivation is gathering pace. Such food items, rich in nutrients and not bad for the environment, are attractive for the growing population. Since some of these have the potential to save the planet, these are quite popular among millennial population who use them as topping as well as food ingredients to be added to other items.

This, as per TMRR, will lead to notable growth in the global lions mane mushroom extract market. Besides, a steady compound annual growth rate projected for the market will lead to higher market worth. Additionally, experts claim that this will pave way for new avenues that can lead to growth. These will be targeted by proactive market players.

In the fragmented vendor landscape of global lions mane mushroom extract market, there are numerous well-established players. These include Hokuto Corporation, Pure Nootropics, Nutri Fungi, Wild Foods Co., and Na’vi Organics Limited.  Some of the players are expanding farm ownership and control of mushrooms to enhance production an dmarket control. Gai Herbs LLC is one such company in the market that recently took up natural and organic production in North Carolina. Hokuto Corporation acquired Mushroom Wisdom, US-based producer in 2017.

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