Awareness of Health Benefits of Vegan Diet Attracts Consumers in Vegan Pasta Market

The drive for vegan pasta has gathered momentum not just among a rising vegan population but also those who generally prefer meat in their diets. The health-benefits of vegan pasta along with the growing popularity of convenience food are propelling the consumer popularity of such food. Inclination toward adoption nutritional interventions to manage the health burden of obesity has nudged food companies increase their stakes in health and wellness segment. Numerous companies in recent years have upped their ante by investing in research that helps them explore new flavors and sensory characteristics in pasta.

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Growing health benefits of a vegan diet worldwide has stimulated people to look for convenience foods that also have high nutritional properties and great taste. Vegan food manufacturers have been tapping into the popularity of such food products.

Rising popularity of gluten-free plant-based food has also fuelled interest in vegan pasta. Vegan manufacturers are attracting consumers with clean labelling of ingredients and promoting them intensively in different advertisement channels. Food companies are trying new ingredients that can be added to vegan pasta products to increase their nutritional profile.

Competitive Landscape Moderately Fragmented, Intense Competition Keep Hopes for Investors High

Industry analysts and opinion leaders have observed that the vegan pasta market is moderately fragmented. The vast revenue potential in such convenience food around the world has attracted several food companies to invest there. Existing players are keen on expanding and consolidating their supply chains, which will also impart a competitive edge over their peers and rivals. Also, new entrants are making strategic deals to gain a foothold in the vegan pasta market. Innovation is a key move for all players to stay at competitive position in the vegan pasta market for a long time.

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Some of the key players in the vegan pasta market are Dakota Growers Pasta Co., Bionaturae LLC., Schnitzer Steel, George DeLallo Company, Windmill Organics, Barilla Group, and Pastificio Lucio Garofalo S.p.A.

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