Automotive Vision System Market to Observe Growth in Increased Traffic on Roads

Automotive vision system refers to an advanced safety vision system, which helps the driver by improving visibility at the time of poor or adverse weather conditions. The automotive vision system is an important component in the high-end technology of the advance driver assist system. Growing importance of the system is likely to bolster growth of the global automotive vision system market in the years to come.

The advance driver assist system incorporates high-resolution image sensors with highly advanced software and processing hardware, which are capable of performing the tasks of tracking, recognition, and object tracking. Vehicles that are fitted with automotive vision system are anticipated to develop an understanding of their surroundings due to rising level of automation. With this understanding, the vehicle is expected to decide their future course of action in a bid to maintain security and safety of all the users of road.  The global automotive vision system market gathers its momentum from the increased traffic on roads, which makes maneuvering on roads a difficult task.

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Demand to Rise on the Back of Growing Concern for Safety of Pedestrian and Animals

Automotive vision system comprises technologies like blind spot detection (BSD), lane departure warning (LDW), adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane keep assist system (LKAS), and night vision system (NVS). The automotive night vision system is utilized in bettering the visibility of the one who is driving the vehicle in adverse conditions like extreme darkness or fog or other poor weather conditions. In addition to that, there has been a rise in the concern for safety of animals and pedestrians, which is likely to open up new growth opportunities for the global automotive vision system market in the years to come. According to the data of European Commission, most of accidents take place in the night. These advanced systems help the driver by augmenting the situation awareness in conditions like low light.

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