Automotive Ethernet Market to Shift Gears for Next-gen Connectivity Solutions

Vehicular communication protocols are growing in complexity and functionalities for next-gen vehicle-to-everything connectivity solutions. Numerous automotive trends have accelerated the pace of evolution, shaping the growth of the automotive Ethernet market. The growing adoption of ADAS systems, backed by the huge safety proposition, is a key development. On the other side of the spectrum, a number of technologies have sprung up and some have been mainstreamed to advance the business propositions of autonomous vehicles. All these trends have engendered the spirit of innovations in in-vehicle technologies.

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Autonomous Safety Systems Key Consumer Proposition

OEMs and automotive electronics manufacturers have been shifting gears by leveraging the new Ethernet protocols for advanced vehicular data communication and processing. The growing market proposition for high-end infotainment systems, such as in commercial aircrafts, is a key factor unlocking several lucrative prospects for industry players in the automotive Ethernet market.

Strides being made in V2X connectivity have been propelling avenues in the market. Numerous exciting propositions have come to the fore in recent years, wherein high-end bandwidth technologies will underpin and accelerate those. A case in point is the emerging proposition for consumer automotive. Automotive manufacturers and automakers have massively benefitted in this regard from the continuous advances in AI and ML technologies.

Rise in research in self-driving cars has imparted a huge momentum to the expansion of avenues in the automotive Ethernet market. The demand for high speed data transmission for ADAS systems is another factor spurring research in automotive Ethernet market. Rise in demand for complex electronics systems has boosted research and development in the market. Advances in sensor technologies for multiple ADAS applications have enriched the landscape in the market. Automakers have also benefitted from standardization of automotive software architecture, opening new avenues in the market.

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