Automatic Train Control Market: Advantages of Train Operational Efficiency boosts Deployment

The growth of automatic train control market is anticipated to be impressive in the years ahead. The numerous advantages of continuous monitoring of trains for train operations is the foremost factor for increasing deployment of automatic train control systems.

For both driver-operated and driverless vehicles, automatic train control systems ensure the highest degree of safety and operational efficiency.

The development of automation of train movements has not been historical. Developed gradually, automation of train was from the need to enforce signal commands for drivers. The system tracks drivers to not allow trains to pass beyond the movement limit that they are authorized for. This marked a new beginning for train safety.

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This was the beginning of automation of train control. Automation of train control leveraged advances in traction control. This capability is reflected in automatic acceleration of the train. Further, for brakes, automatic train control enables incorporation of electrical control and automatic load compensation.

Available as a package, Automatic Train Control System extends palpable Operational Advantages

Automatic train control is generally available as a package. It entails three sub-systems, which include wayside and onboard equipment namely, Automatic Train Supervision (ATS), automatic train operation (ATO), and automatic train protection (ATP).

The automatic train control market benefits from a number of offerings of automatic train control systems. These capabilities are palpable for signaling, traffic management, and automatic train protection.

The automatic train control system is analogous to the sensory organs and central nervous system. Akin to the central nervous system, automatic train control system senses and processes information, makes decisions, and transfers commands.

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In several parts of the world, governments have undertaken initiatives to reduce air pollution that is related to modes of transport. While electric engine driven trains are less polluting than diesel engine ones, there is scope to minimize it further. This is stoking demand for automatic train control systems.

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