Automated Optical Inspection System Market: Growing Need for Quality Drives Growth

Automated optical inspection (AOI) market is witnessing a robust growth, thanks to growing focus on quality due to transparency driven by social media. Today, consumers have an incredible say in the quality of products and services. A defective product can ruin the reputation of multinational conglomerates across the globe. Moreover, manufacturing companies also have added benefits of technology such as digital transparency in communication, automation at fingertips to manufacturer standard products. Putting quality checks in place saves manufacturing companies additional oversight and mass damages due to product recalls.

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Automated optical inspection (AOI) market products monitoring manufacturing activity without any contact with the devices. Additionally, these automated products also provide a deep insight into material fillings, solder paste inspection, and critical applications such as board inspection for electrical components. Hence, the growing demand for quality products, added efficiency due to automation, and improving reliability of products are expected to drive significant growth for the automated optical inspection (AOI) system market.

Smart Devices to Propel the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System Market

There is a growing enthusiasm in global markets surrounding innovations in the form of smart gadgets. This includes smartphone technologies which has revolutionalised communication and collaboration globally. Additionally, there are many more technologies on the horizon which are changing key industries such as medical, defense, manufacturing with simple wearable devices that can be used by everyone. Moreover, the oncoming technological developments like 5G are expected to give impetus to new devices like Holograms, smart infrastructure like smart cities, and much more. Due to growing demand for these devices in infrastructure initiatives such as smart measures to control traffic, these devices are expected to register robust growth for the automated optical inspection (AOI) system market.

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Additionally, these devices rely on various complex network of ICs and sensors in addition to tiny components to deliver performance. Growing inclusion of Nano-technology in the mix is expected to create more opportunities for players in the automated optical inspection (AOI) system market.

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