Automated CPR Devices Deployment in Emergency Settings Help Improve Management of Patients with Sudden Cardiac Arrests

The drive for the automated cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) devices has stemmed from the growing role of these devices in preventing sudden cardiac arrests. They have been gaining preference over manual ones due to the former’s benefit in delivering consistent and high-frequency compressions to patients. They are practically more convenient and their effectiveness are tested in numerous randomized clinical trials.

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High-quality CPR for Improving Patient Survival Rates Increasing

The demand for delivering high-quality CPR for improving patient survival in sudden cardiac arrests is a key trend boosting the market. Growing clinical potential of automated CPR in ambulance transportation and primary percutaneous coronary interventions have helped fuel the prospects.

Over the recent years, developing and developed nations have been leaning on incorporating quality assurance mechanisms, thereby improving the clinical utility of automated CPR devices. Increasing implementation of regulatory norms for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) has expanded the canvas for medical device manufacturers to tap into revenue streams. International guidelines help in bridging the gap between CPR quality and expected patient outcomes.

Adoption of High-quality CPR in Developed Regions Increasing Rapidly

High-quality automated CPR devices leverage the benefits of cloud and Wi-Fi connectivity. Research and development activities will pave way for new revenue streams in the automated CPR devices market.

Growing instances of sudden cardiac arrest has led healthcare systems to offer access to automated CPR devices. A growing number of medical device makers are working on complying with regulatory frameworks, such as FDA approval guidelines.

Developed regions are witnessing a rapid rise in clinical utility of CPR, thereby boosting the uptake of automated CPR devices. Primary care providers have in recent years have intensified their efforts to adopt cutting-edge CPR devices. This has come to occupy as one of the crucial factors in reducing the mortality rate from sudden cardiac arrest.

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Some of the key participants in the automated CPR devices market are CPR Medical Devices Inc., ZOLL Medical Corporation, Medtronic Inc., and Zhuhai Kindway Medical Science & Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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