New Magnetic Process could lead to more Energy-efficient Memory in Computers

Following a research study carried out by researchers at the University of California and researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, an important advancement could come to the fore. This is development of magnetic memory storage components for computers and other devices that are more energy efficient.

Magnets find wide use for computer memory. This is because the ‘up’ and ‘down’ polarity of magnet allows them to be flipped to write data or store information. Because magnetic memory is nonvolatile, it enables information to be stored on devices without refreshing them. But, magnetic memory requires lot of energy.

New Intermediate polarity Magnetic State to Impel Use

Meanwhile, a recently discovered magnetic state called ‘skyrmion’ which does not bear ‘up’ or ‘down’ polarity, but is flower-shaped offers a solution. The manipulating of skyrmion state allows for much robust, efficient data storage for both conventional computers and wireless smart devices.

“The finding demonstrate the possibility to control skyrmion state using electric field. This could ultimately lead to a more energy efficient nanomagnetic devices,” state the lead author of the study.

The finding is a stepping stone towards ultimately developing commercially feasible magnetic memory based on this model.

Earlier in 2016 and 2018, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University showcased another finding. It showed that using an intermediate skyrmion shape to force magnetic transition precisely between ‘up’ and ‘down’ state could reduce errors while writing information in the memory. Thus, this would make devices more resistant to thermal noise and material defects. The researchers hold a patent on this idea. The new experiment for proof-of-concept presented in Nature Electronics is the first step in making of such a device.

High-performance Additives in Metalworking Operations Drive R&D Initiatives in Grease Additives Market

The grease additives market has evolved on the back of the growing demand for a range of grease formulations in paint and coatings industry. The choice of additives influences several performance features of greases. These include consistency, oxidative and thermal stability, corrosion resistance, structural stability, wear protection, and elastomer compatibility.

For instance, the use of antioxidant additive may be needed in metalworking industry, when greases need to work in high-working temperature. Based on the intended application of using greases, grease additives may of various types, notably including metal deactivators, rust/corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, anti-wear reagents, and viscosity modifiers.

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One of the key performance aspects driving the demand in the grease additives market are in inhibiting oxidation. Over the years, considerable advances have been made in the application of additives for imparting high corrosion and rust inhibiting. Companies who are looking to garnet sizable stake in the grease additives market, such as Evonik, are keen to develop multipurpose additive grease for end-use industries. They are leaning on research activities to cater to the demand for high performance additives in metalworking operations in various industries. This will also help them gain competitive gains in the grease additives market.

Specialized Grease Formulations for Automotive Manufacturing Unlocking New Prospect in Grease Additives Market

The growth in the grease additive market has also been fuelled by the rapidly rising application of grease in marine, shipbuilding, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries. On the other hand, declining seaborne trade activities in the past three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic has stunted the growth avenues.

On the other hand, demand for specialized grease formulations for automotive manufacturing has paved the way for vibrant product developments in grease additives market. Lubricating grease experts are focusing on meeting the requirement of the type and severity of application of grease in this application. Advances made in the understanding of metal surface chemistries have helped grease manufacturers incorporate multiple additives.

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Some of the prominent players in the grease additives market are Croda International Plc., Innospec, Afton Chemicals, BASF SE, and The Lubrizol Corporation.

COVID-19 Outbreak Reshaping Growth of Depilatory Products Market

The depilatory products market may swing high on growth across the forecast period of 2019-2029 owing to the growing demand for depilatory products across the general populace. The use of beauty and grooming products for self-care is on a rise. The influence of organic depilatory products may also have a positive impact on the growth of the depilatory products market. Sensitive skin is one of the prominent factors for the escalated demand of organic depilatory products.

Depilatory products are available in the form of gels, aerosols, powders, waxes, lotions, wax strips, and others. The depilatory products market is also segmented on the basis of skin type such as normal, dry, sensitive, and others.

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Novel Coronavirus Pandemic to Bring Good Growth Prospects for Depilatory Products Market

The SARS-CoV-2 outbreak has led to the shutdown of various businesses across the globe including beauty parlors and salons. This aspect has led to a surge in the demand for depilatory products. Many people are incorporating self-grooming mechanisms due to the global shutdown of beauty parlors and salons. Even though, grooming stores are gradually reopening in some parts of the world, people are unlikely to schedule an appointment at a salon or beauty parlor due to the threat of COVID-19 transmission. Therefore, the depilatory products market may experience good growth across the forecast period.

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Depilatory products filled with chemicals to break down keratin proteins in the hairs to dissolve them are seeing a decline in sales due to disadvantages like skin inflammation. Hence, manufacturers are concentrating on producing depilatory products that have a gentle formulation and is less painful for the skin. Also, the foul smell emitting from the depilatory products is being looked upon. Manufacturers are trying to inculcate fragrance in depilatory products to attract a good consumer base. Therefore, the aforementioned factors can bring excellent growth opportunities for the depilatory products market

Ability to Enhance Thermal and Physical Characteristics to Drive Cross-linked polymers Market

The growth of the global cross-linked polymers market is likely to be driven by rising demand for the product for use in many applications. In biology and chemistry, a cross-link refers to a bond that connects one polymer chain to another. The links, thus formed, might take the shape of ionic bonds or covalent bonds with the polymers are either natural polymers or synthetic ones.

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The specific polymers are usually utilized to augment the thermal and physical characteristics of a substance. Insoluble in all types of solvents, the cross-linked polymers come with very strong bond. The product finds extensive use in bettering rigidity, insolubility, mechanical strength, and stiffness of polymer microbeads due to it wear and heat resistant properties. In addition, these polymers are mechanically strong as well, which makes them suitable for use in biomedical fields, solid-phase synthesis, and solid-phase extraction processes. Such wide use of the product is likely to work in favour of the global cross-linked polymers market in the years to come.

Increased Demand for Use in Various Industrial Applications to Shoot Up Demand in the Market

The cross-linked polymers find abundant use in various industrial applications. These polymers find ample scope of use in industrial applications such as chemical transportation, systems of water distribution, distribution systems of commercial and residential water, heating and cooling activities, and plumbing. Increasing use in chemical and process industries for more efficiency in work is also expected to pave way for rapid growth of the global cross-linked polymers market in the years to come.

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The cross-linked polymers present long lasting tolerance even in adverse conditions that prevail in industries, which makes these polymers an ideal one for use in various industries. Phenomenal growth of the automobile sector is anticipated to play an important role in generating demand for cross-linked polymers, thanks to its qualities like low VOC, low fogging, energy absorbing, low odour, acoustic noise vibration harshness (NVH), damping, and sealing.