As Technology takes Front Seat for Advertising, Promotional Messages, Digital Signage witnesses Surging Demand

Digital signage is a platform for real-time information dissemination. The information can be diverse related to travel, lifestyle, television programs, or even sports. Irrespective of the area, the intent of digital signage is either promotion of goods and services or information dissemination.

A digital signage involves hi-tech electronic devices supported by technology. Typically, a video or multimedia content is streamed using a digital screen such as a LCD or plasma display. The LCD or plasma display is connected to a computer or a playback device at the backend.

The digital signage market is poised for a healthy growth in the years ahead. Declining prices of display devices coupled with widespread adoption of technology for promotional initiatives paves way for the growth of digital signage market.

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Digital signage are visually appealing. Information transmitted which is colorful and flashy, along with audio capabilities serves to provide an enhanced user experience.

Superior Performance and High Visual Appeal key attributes of Digital Signage

Besides this, digital signage feature superior functional capabilities. This includes capability to update content consistently, gesture recognition, image capture, and embedded touch screens. This makes digital signage stand out among other customary medium of communication.

The digital signage market faces growth challenges too. High initial investment, lack of standardization, power failure, and distraction for public because of displays are some key impediments that are slowing the adoption of digital signage.

Nevertheless, attributes of visual appeal and efficacy for information dissemination are likely to expand the adoption of digital signage. Further, new technologies such as near-field communication that are increasingly finding way in backend technologies of digital signage, coupled with further advancements in touch screens are likely to augment the functional features of digital signage. This is likely to serve to boost the digital signage market.

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The digital signage market is predominantly consolidated in terms of vendor landscape. Key companies, namely Cisco Systems Inc., NEC Display Solutions Ltd., 3M Co., Hewlett-Packard Company, and Panasonic Corporation hold major share in the global digital signage market.

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