As Glass becomes Indispensable for Modern Buildings, Glass Bonding Adhesives Market witnesses Growth

The global glass bonding adhesives market is a nascent one. As glass is becoming an indispensable material in modern buildings, bonding glass is a task that has set high aesthetic standards. Glass bonding that may be for exteriors of the building, or individual pieces in the interior such as glass tables or shower enclosures. This requires glass bonding adhesives that are permanently transparent and are yellowing-resistant. Such standards of aesthetics for bonding glass is boosting the glass bonding adhesives market.

Today, cutting edge glass adhesive formulations are available that are easy to apply and are featured by high strength bonds. These novel glass bonding adhesives are available in different grades and differ in composition such as solvent free or solvent based. Some other characteristics of novel glass bonding adhesives are non-yellowing properties, moisture resistance, thermal stability, chemical inertness, optical clarity, moisture resistance, and toughness. Such product offerings of novel glass bonding adhesives is a key factor behind their increasing uptake. This bodes well for glass bonding adhesives market.

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Exposure to UV/Visible Light Strengthens bond of Novel Glass Bonding Adhesives

Novel glass bonding adhesives display other features too. Some novel glass bonding adhesives are ultraviolet or visible light curable, and cure in seconds upon exposure to these light. The exposure to visible light or ultraviolet light helps these adhesives form high-strength between the glass substrates.

Asia Pacific is emerging as a key consumer of glass bonding adhesives. In recent years, the booming construction sector in emerging economies of the region is displaying huge demand for novel glass bonding adhesives. Newly constructed modern buildings in the region, which are designed by Western architects, use large amounts of glass for both exteriors and interiors that need to be bonded strongly. This requires high strength glass bonding adhesives to minimize damage. The glass bonding adhesives market is thus benefitted.

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