As Consumers demand labeling, claims of purity of food, food authenticity pursuits take a front seat

Implementation of regulations that mandate testing the purity and genuineness of food and beverages opens opportunities for the food authenticity market. Under food authenticity, all food and beverage products are accurately and thoroughly examined for their purity with the use of advanced instrumentation in food authenticity testing.

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Rising awareness about food regulations and food authenticity among consumers provides impetus to the food authenticity market. With the telling rise in food authenticity concerns among consumers, this is adding a solid new dimension to the food authenticity market. Consumers today are cognizant of food safety and quality communicated via different mediums such as nutrition facts, labeling, and claims. Also, consumers are aware if the purity of a food product and contents match with the label claims. Some food products that can be tested for authenticity are edible oils, fruit juices, beer, and wine wherein laboratory check is performed for genuineness of the product.

Sterling Efforts of a Number of Authoritative bodies makes Europe Frontrunner

Europe stands as a prominent region in the food authenticity market. Efforts undertaken by the European academy of allergy and clinical immunology, National Reference Laboratories, and EU Reference laboratories for food authenticity helps the region whip hand in the overall food authenticity market. Food authenticity policies comprehensively framed by these institutions that are strictly implemented marks the dominance of Europe in the overall food authenticity market.

Besides this, labeling compliance, enforcement of food authenticity, and substantial count of consumer complaints are factors that mark Europe as a prominent region in the global food authenticity market.

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Led by the U.S., North America is another prominent region in the worldwide food authenticity market. Mushrooming food export from the region necessitates food authenticity certification and labeling to meet international food trade regulations. Asia Pacific is foreseen to emerge as a key region in the food authenticity market in the forthcoming years. Rising consumer awareness in urban areas of developing countries for the purity and genuineness of food and beverages spells growth of food authenticity market in the region.

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