Artificial Intelligence in Medicine pins hope for Higher Degree of Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is witnessing the thrust to be integrated into medicine. Reason? To allow doctors to spend more time addressing patients’ concerns. By means of using complex algorithms to identify patterns in large datasets such as current medications, lab test results, and symptoms to name a few. In fact, AI might make medicine more personal.

“At the time of patients visit to the doctor, the latter would already know what patients are experiencing,” stated a cardiologist and data researcher at Yale Medicine. This would help to detect the need for medical attention for patients before they do.

AI varies in definition from industry to industry, and from dictionary to dictionary. Broadly, in the medicine field, the use of AI involves computer systems to build algorithms based on models in raw data to find relations. This could be relation between clusters of symptoms to a particular disease that would be very hard for a person to detect.

Slew of Gadgets record Everyday Activity level to raise risk Alerts

To detect if a patient is at risk of heart failure is a hypothetical example of an AI-assisted future. Meanwhile, a heart failure is a condition where an impaired heart muscle fights to pump adequate oxygenated blood throughout the body.

For AI-driven medical assistance, a patient would begin the day by stepping on an internet-connected scale. The scale would observe changes in weight if any for possible signs of fluid retention. Besides this, the patient would strap a smart watch or other sensor to track activity level and steps, and would use a phone app to record specific signs such as shortness of breath. This data would transmit directly to the electronic health record, which would assimilate the entire information and categorize the patient’s risk, instead of waiting for the patient to consult a doctor.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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