Aquatic Activities and Sports Present Wide Growth Opportunities to Life Vests Market

Emerging trend of water activities and sports in leisure time is one of the key factors fuelling life vests market. These life jackets are designed to worn over upper body. They help in holding up the torso of the wearer over the water. Hence, risk of drowning during any kind of aquatic activities is minimized.

Government bodies in several countries have mandated the use of life vests during water sports and related activities. Such regulations have influenced the global life vests market affirmatively.

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Besides water sports, the jackets are also used in day sailing, commercial vessels, offshore sailing, and during fishing. Hence, life vest is gaining wide popularity in different market base.

Considering the increasing usage of life jackets, the market analysts estimate lucrative growth of the global life vests market in coming years.

Life Vests Mandated in Airlines and Ships as a Safety Measure for Passengers

Further, life vests are also incorporated in airlines and ships as measure to enhance safety standards. Lately, people are opting for airplanes and cruise to travel. Hence, to ensure safety of the passengers in case of any disaster, life vests are made available in prior.

As a result, life vests market is witnessing tremendous demand from the airline and waterway sectors.

Moreover, government bodies have also entailed airline and cruise companies to employ life vests in advance. These stringent regulations are likely to propel growth of the global life vests market in coming years.

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As per market analysts, the North America market is anticipated to exhibit substantial growth rate in near future. The growth rate is attributed to growing number of airlines in the region, dedicated to carry passengers from one place to another in countries such as the U.S. and Canada.

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