Aptamer Market to Reach Over US$ 5.0 Billion By 2025; Rise in Demand for Aptamer in Pharmaceutical companies for Drug Development to Fuel Market Growth

Aptamer Market: Snapshot

Aptamers are chemically synthesized single-standard oligonucleotides. Aptamers offer relative cost advantage and are developed through more reliable process than monoclonal antibodies. The global aptamer market was valued approximately US$ 1.0 Bn in 2016 and is anticipated to register CAGR of over 20.0% from 2017 to 2025 to reach value of approximately US$ 5.0 Bn by 2025. Advancement in technologies for selection of aptamer and increasing interest of research scientists in the field of aptamer technology owing to various advantages over antibodies are likely to fuel expansion of the global cardiovascular drugs market from 2017 to 2025.

Aptamers are single-standard oligonucleotides that bind to the target molecules such as proteins with high specificity. These offer great potential to develop novel applications in the field of diagnostic, research and therapeutic. Aptamers illustrate lock-and-key relationship between aptamer molecules and binding partners i.e., target molecules. The procedure commonly used for the selection of aptamers for a specific target molecule is known as SELEX process. Several modifications in the SELEX procedure have been introduced in order to improve aptamer selectivity or to reduce the time for selection. Blended SELEX, counter SELEX, subtractive SELEX, automated SELEX and atomic force microscopy-SELEX are some of the commercially available modified SELEX procedures. Key players are investing in to develop new drugs base aptamer with better efficacy. Ophthotech Corporation is projected to launch of Fovista aptamer for treating age related macular degeneration in 2018 is likely to fuel expansion of application of aptamer in therapeutics use market segment by 2025 augmenting global aptamer market. However, lack of knowledge and unfavorable characteristics of aptamers will lead low acceptance of aptamer which is likely to hamper global aptamer market.

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There are many unmet needs in global aptamer market which create huge opportunities for existing players and new entrants in global market. Biologics provide ample opportunities for players operating in the global aptamer market. Recent ongoing developments in biologic aptamer drugs such as NAXXON Pharma’s NOX-E36, RIBOMIC, Inc.’s RBM007 uncovers the potential of these drugs.

The global aptamer market has been segmented on the basis of material type, selection technique and geography. Among material type, nucleic acid aptamer segment is projected to lead the market and is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period followed by peptide aptamer segment. Introduction of new nucleic acid aptamer base drug such as Macugen and developing of DNA/RNA base aptamer drug like REG1, NOX-A12 is likely to propel expansion of the segment. Among selection technique, SELEX technique was the leading revenue generating segment in 2016 and it is likely to continue its dominance during the forecast period. Others which include (MARAS technique, X-Aptamer technique) segment of indication is likely to lose its market share during the forecast period owing to the preference for SELEX technique for aptamer selection. Among various application, research and diagnostics was the leading application in 2016 and is likely to account for leading share during the forecast period.

Geographically, North America captured lion’s share of global aptamer market in 2016. However rise in expenditure for research and development is key concern area among key players. Asia Pacific market is projected to gain market share during the forecast period and is likely to be key revenue generator in the coming years. Initiatives by local governments to attain self-sufficiency in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and different financial support for research and development for aptamer based products in countries such as Brazil, South Africa, etc. is likely to boost market growth in Latin America and Rest of World.

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Key companies operating in the global aptamer market and profiled in the report include NewVentures Biotechnology, Inc., Aptamer Science, Inc., Aptagen, Inc, and Aptamer Group among others. These players are adopting organic and in-organic growth strategies to expand their product offerings, strengthen their geographical reach, increase customer base and garner market share. For instance, in December 2013, Aptamer Sciences Inc., signed a collaboration supply agreement with Funakoshi Co., Ltd. For distribution of Aptamer Sciences Inc., products and services in Japan.

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