Application of Cold Plasma Technology in Food Industry Fuels Growth

San Francisco, California, December 28, 2017 – TMR Research presents a new market study on the global cold plasma market which delves into demand drivers, challenges, and growth opportunities to present a clear insight about developments in the said market between 2017 and 2025. The title of this report is “Cold Plasma Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

The research report on the global cold plasma market has been compiled after intensive research composed of a primary research phase and a secondary research phase. The report is a veritable tool for quantitative as well as qualitative insights about developments in the market that has been obtained using reliable industry-centric tools and proven research methodologies. The primary research phase included data collection and compilation followed by interviews carried out by industry experts about their viewpoint on growth pattern of the cold plasma market over the forecast period. The secondary phase of the research included scrutiny of the collected data.

The report is noteworthy for its offerings. It analyzes key segments under different categories and throws light on their growth behavior over the forecast period.

The report points out factors fuelling the cold plasma market. The wide range of applications of cold plasma technology across several industry verticals such as biotechnology, food manufacturing, and medical devices is the foremost factor driving this market. The soaring demand for fresh food produce has led to the need for decontamination technologies for deactivating microbes. Cold plasma technology is gaining popularity in the food manufacturing and food processing industry owing to its efficacy to kill microorganisms without changing the sensory properties and physiochemical nature of the food.

The emerging applications of cold plasma technology in life sciences and increasing commercialization of the technology are anticipated to open newer growth avenues for the cold plasma market over the forecast period.

The report divides the cold plasma market into the key regional markets of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Among them, North America and Europe are likely to emerge as key markets for cold plasma technology over the forecast period. The presence of a large number of global and regional biotechnology companies that are actively involved in employing cold plasma technology for biomolecular processes in food. A high level of awareness among consumers in these regions regarding decontamination technologies to be used to deactivate microbes in produce is also stoking growth of these regional markets. Furthermore, these regions being home to several cold plasma equipment manufacturers and suppliers also account for high adoption of cold plasma technology.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific is likely to present favorable growth opportunities for players in the cold plasma market. This is mainly because of continuous advancement of cold plasma technology leading to its widespread adoption across several industry verticals. The burgeoning food processing industry and increasing adoption of decontamination technologies to enhance shelf life of produce is boosting the Asia Pacific cold plasma market. Massive development of medical infrastructure has led to a surging demand for cold plasma technology in surgical and therapeutic applications in the region.

The report studies the competitive landscape of the global cold plasma market at length. It mentions key players along with insights on their growth strategies, financial standing, and other vital business aspects. Prominent participants in the global market for cold plasma market include Nordson Corporation, Bovie Medical Corporation, Enercon Industries Corporation, Adtec Plasma Technology Co. Ltd., Plasmatreat GmbH, Neoplas Tools GmbH, Europlasma NV, and P2i.

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