Apple Watch Series 3 Packs in New Functionalities to Attract Consumers

Apple recently held its much-anticipated new products unveiling event and has announced a number of changes that consumers can expect in the new flagship product of its smartwatch line – Apple Watch Series 3. While the company is already considered one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones, laptops, and computers, its line of watches is one of the most controversy-stricken owing to concerns related to privacy of consumer data collected by the watches.

As far as the changes in the new series of the Apple Watch are considered, the new product continues to bring in several upgrades, juicing up the appeal of the product among ardent Apple fans. One of the biggest addition in the new product is that the LTE cellular connectivity is integrated directly into the Watch. So the Watch does not have to tether and rely on the connectivity of an iPhone. This functionality makes the product a potentially stand-alone smart device.

Lack of an integrated LTE connectivity in the Watch has been one of its major limitations in the past models. This functionality could make the product more appealing for a number of new consumers as the device will be more useful if does not need another device to allow it to perform a number of functionalities. The new product also sees a significant rise in improvement in the Watch’s wellness functionality and the addition of a barometric altimeter, which could be appreciated by sportspeople in a number of fields.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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