Anticarcinogenic Properties in Allium Veggies Prevents Colon Cancer

Researchers from the First Hospital of China Medical University find better use of allium vegetables. They say that higher intake of these vegetables such as onion and garlic help reduce the chances of colorectal cancer. Further, the researchers tried to establish the correlation between allium vegetables and colorectal cancer.

Allium vegetables are products of flowering plants and the genus has nearly 500 species. In the past two decades, research has found anticarcinogenic properties in onion and garlic. Both these vegetables are used extensively across the world. Hence, these properties will hold importance say the researchers.

Lifestyle Intervention Saving Lives from Colorectal Cancer

As many as 833 (Northeast Chinese population) patients suffering from colorectal cancer took part in the study from 2009 to 2011. Researchers matched the patients in the experimental group with 833 healthy controls based on sex, age, and residence area. They collected information based on their diet and demography through an interview conducted in person by providing a food frequency questionnaire.

Researchers found that odds having colorectal cancer were 79% lower in adults as they consumed a larger quantity of allium vegetables. They include garlic, leek, garlic stalks, spring onion, and onions. However, among these, garlic intake with cancer risk remained insignificant in distal colon cancer. Moreover, the active compounds such as flavonoids and allylsulfides that are abundantly present help in preventing cancer.

The authors of the study indicate that higher the consumption of allium, lower the risk of colorectal cancer. The present findings imply the primary prevention of colorectal cancer with simple daily vegetables, said author Dr. Zhi Li. Furthermore, future exploration will pave way for better understanding the benefits of allium vegetables.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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