Anti-counterfeit Pharmaceutical Packaging Market Rides on Growing Business of Drug Counterfeiting

Counterfeits or manufacturing of duplicate devices encompass illegitimate reproductions of an authentic and trademarked brand. These reproductions are identical to the original trademarked products. Jewelry, electronics, pharmaceutical products and medications, clothing, and others come within the ambit of counterfeit goods. As such, secure packaging is vital to maintain the integrity of products, especially pharmaceutical products. This factor is expected to foster growth of the global anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging market in the years to come.

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Safe and secure packaging of various pharmaceutical products is one of the important techniques to prevent these products from being counterfeited. A case in point is the busting of rackets making and supplying fake remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in India. Cashing in on the ongoing pandemic situation, some rogue elements in the society are resorting to such unfair practices. To tackle such situations, anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging comes to use. 

Effective Measures by International Agencies to Boost Demand in the Market

Anti-counterfeit packaging refers to the method or next level of secure packaging for pharmaceutical products to do away with infringement. In the procedure of anti-counterfeit packaging, secure packaging helps in the prevention of duplication and ensures security and safety of its products. The measures to fight the business of counterfeit products are accomplished with the help and support of governments in both developing and developed countries. These measures are taken not only to fight duplication in terms of goods and products but also brand value and revenue.

One of the major concerns in the anti-counterfeit technology is the role of the packaging process and its subsequent synergy with the said technology in the process. The design of the packaging fights against the illegal use if packaged branded as well as generic drugs. Many international agencies such as World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforce correct measures to do away with illegal channeling of drugs in the market. All these measures are anticipated to drive growth of the global anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging market in the years to come.

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