Animal Illness to Intensify Pet Obesity Management Market

Pet obesity is on the rise due to various factors such as pet illness like heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes. Obesity in pets is likely to shorten the life span and cause further diseases such as arthritis and other body weight related disease. This is a cause for concern among pet owners, pushing the global pet obesity management market to grow in the upcoming years.

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Rising Awareness to Upsurge Pet Obesity Management Market

Although, last year the number of obese pets did not grow substantially, it is still a concern for pet owners. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Preventions the number of obese pet dogs constitute to 55. 8 % and 59. 5% in cats respectively. The good news is increasing awareness among pet owners and lack of support by veterinary clinics is driving the global pet obesity management market to expand. The pet owners are seeking the help of pet food marketers and pet nutrition industry.

Pet Fitness Clubs Drive the Growth in Global Pet Obesity Management

The pet fitness clubs are gaining popularity in pet obesity management market. Although, the veterinary clinics are providing the best services that they can, however their support is not enough when it comes to obesity management in pets. One of the pet was suffering from arthritis with his body weight up to 28 kg. However, the owner of the pet decided to put him for fitness training and competition thereafter. The customized diet along with exercise has brought his body weight to 21 kg in just six months span. Not just weight loss, the pet went on to receive the honor of winner in the pet fit club competition with another pet dog.

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Such, tailored made exercises and diet form professional pet fitness clubs are expected to drive the pet obesity management market to grow at a substantial rate in the coming years.

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