Amidst COVID-19, Collaboration Tools Market Witnesses Spurt in Growth

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need to work remotely to prevent transmission of the disease is providing tremendous opportunities to the collaboration tools market. Large and small corporations have decided for employees to work from home to prevent crowding of work places that can lead to spread of coronavirus. Such a move adopted by corporations around the world has led to the dire need of collaboration tools for employees to communicate with their co-workers at various locations.

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The presence of numerous players in the collaboration tools market is resulting in addition of new features to existing tools for needs in the current situation. In addition, the current situation has aroused the interest of new players to develop new collaboration tools. For example, social media giant Facebook has come up with ‘Workplace Rooms’ for its employees to collaborate while working remotely.

In another development, Huawei introduced the IdeaHub collaboration tool with features such as multi-screen collaboration, full HD video conferencing, etc.

With Large WFH Populations amidst COVID-19, North America charts Notable Growth

Meanwhile, amidst COVID-19, the situation is attracting startups into the collaboration tools market. Startups are developing new collaboration tools with state-of-the-art technologies that can enable seamless communication, exchange of screen, sharing of presentation, files within seconds. North America is witnessing notable growth in the collaboration tools market in the current situation. Factors such as a large population working from home that require reliable collaboration tools to communicate with coworkers is resulting in growth of collaboration tools market in the region.

To serve this demand, startups in Silicon Valley and other parts of the U.S. are developing new collaboration tools that can enable seamless communication, video conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing among coworkers as in an office environment.

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Asia Pacific is registering notable growth in the collaboration tools market amidst COVID-19. Since the announcement of lockdown in March, almost 90 percent of the IT industry in India has switched to remote working. This augurs well for the growth of collaboration tools market in the region.

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