Amazon Develops Improved Robots for its Warehouses

Amazon is at the forefront of innovative manufacturing and sales. The e-commerce giant has successfully pioneered a number of useful products over the past. Furthermore, the company’s yearly launches are matter of international prestige and discussion. Amazon is currently testing its waters in the field of robotics and automation technology. The company revealed its efforts towards developing improved robotic technologies at Amazon’s re:MARS conference. Amazon Robotics is a new segment within the company that has gained momentum in recent times. The robotics are meant to fast-track processes across Amazon’s fulfilment centers. The development of in-house robotic technologies could give a thrust to Amazon’s growth on an international scale.

Working on Primary Robots

Amazon used the conference as an opportunity to showcase its newly developed robots. The company demonstrated the working of a new pair of robots meant to accelerate internal functionalities. Amazon has used its primary robots since the years 2012 after it acquired Kiva Systems. As a result, the company is now redesigning its primary robots to develop advanced new-age robots. Amazon believes that modularity of the new robots would play a key role in defining their success. Further, Amazon’s warehouses may become extremely agile with the introduction of these robots. Further, the newly developed series of robots has been named ‘Xanthus’ by Amazon.

Amazon’s Robotics Segment

The primary aim of these improved robotic technologies is to accelerate deliveries across fulfilment centers. Amazon has inducted several robots in warehouses at the start of the year. As a result, the use of robotics is becoming a new growth hack for the e-commerce giant in recent times.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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