Alumina Trihydrate Market | Existing and Future Insights in Growth

Aluminum hydroxide, also known as alumina trihydrate is an amphoteric compound produced by dissolving sodium hydroxide and bauxite. It is a white crystalline structure that is manufactured in the form of non-abrasive powder. Products in the global alumina trihydrate market are well known for their properties such as smoke suppression, chemical inertness, and thermal conductivity. Rising number of applications in numerous fields is triggering the growth of the global alumina trihydrate market.

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Products in the global alumina trihydrate market are used as coagulants, mineral extenders, catalysts, smoke suppressants, and flame retardants. Alumina trihydrate is utilized in a number of industry verticals, including water treatment, medical, plastic, automobile, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, and glass manufacturing industries, among others. Products in the global alumina trihydrate market are also available in liquid form along with the powder. Rising usage of alumina trihydrate in various processes in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to create lucrative opportunities for the players in global alumina trihydrate market in coming years. Alumina trihydrate is used for acidity reduction in the pharmaceutical industry.

Asia Pacific Expected to Dominate the Alumina Trihydrate Market

Asia Pacific region is anticipated to gain a dominant position in the global alumina trihydrate market in coming years. Key factors influencing the upward climb of the Asia Pacific alumina trihydrate market include growing demand for alumina trihydrate from construction, paints and coatings, and plastics industries in the region. Another region expected to witness steady growth in the global alumina trihydrate market in the near future is North America.

Some of the well-known vendors in the global alumina trihydrate market include Akrochem Corporation, Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd., LKAB Minerals AB, and Alfa Aesar. Rapid urbanization has created a huge demand for construction industry worldwide. Manufacturers and players in the global alumina trihydrate market have been presented with attractive opportunities created by the construction industry.

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