Along with Familiar Consumer Electronics, Flexible Printed Circuit Boards find High Profile Defense Applications too

The global flexible printed circuit boards market is likely to clip a healthy growth rate in the near future. First and foremost, with the massive demand for consumer electronics, which includes tablets, smartphones, and LCDs, the flexible printed circuit boards market is witnessing an upswing.

In the simplest form, a flexible printed circuit board is defined as a pattern of conductive traces attached on a flexible substrate. In common parlance, flexible printed circuit boards are known as flexible printed circuits, flex circuits, and sometimes flexible pcbs. Structurally, it consists of a metallic layer of traces attached to a dielectric layer. Flexible pcbs use a number of conductive material, among which copper is common.

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Below are some key facts pertaining to the global flexible printed circuit boards market that market stakeholders can leverage;

• The growth of the electronics industry in Asia Pacific has influenced the growth of flexible printed circuit boards market. Going ahead too, the region is anticipated to remain at the fore among other key regions. The presence of some key flexible printed circuit board manufacturers adds to the advantage of the region.
• Other than the large volume applications of flexible printed circuit boards in automobiles and electronics, they also find application in high profile military and avionics systems. Sojourner, the robot that surfaced Mars in 1997 to collect data is an example of high profile application of flexible circuit technology.
• Among the key types of flexible circuit boards, multi-layer flex circuits are the prominent ones. The segment held 35.77% of the overall market in 2017, as reported by a leading market research company.
• Last but not the least, flexible printed circuit boards can be folded, bent, and configured in just about any shape and form unlike conventional and rigid printed circuit boards. This makes them suitable for several applications, along with economic advantages due to their compact form.

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