Alkaline Battery Gains Traction with Reduced Cost and Eco-friendliness

San Francisco, California, July 06, 2018 – The global alkaline battery market is anticipated to improve its growth with increasing awareness about several advantages including higher energy density, reduced cost, easy availability, and longer shelf life. A report by TMR Research gives details about market dynamics, segmentation, and vendor landscape and how some factors could positively and negatively affect the market. It bears the title “Alkaline Battery Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” Important applications of alkaline battery are media players, clocks, flashlights, game controllers, TV remote controls, and radios. With such applications in place, adoption of alkaline battery could surge in the coming years.

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Its environment-friendly nature and ability to power devices for 2-4 months are expected to increase the use of alkaline battery. In the present scenario where countries around the world are striving to promise reduction in environmental pollution, the eco-friendly characteristic of alkaline battery could be highlighted. Its eco-friendliness could be owing to its capability to do away with active recycling and collection for disposal. There are different types of alkaline battery, such as high, medium, and low drain, used for different applications.

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The global alkaline battery market is expected to find North America growing as a leading revenue generator. Increasing application of alkaline battery in various applications could help the region to take the lead in the market. Latin America could also be a lucrative region of the market. Local manufacture of alkaline battery is predicted to gain impetus in the near future. Local manufacturing involves low cost, and therefore, it could obtain traction in the coming years. In order to reduce manufacturing cost of premium products, established companies are moving their manufacturing facilities to offshore locations. The market includes top players such as Duracell, Chung Pak, Toshiba, Camelion Battery, and Panasonic.

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