Algaecide Manufacturers Find Sizeable Demand Potential from Sports and Recreation Centers

The global algaecide market is growing on the back of increased demand avenues from various end users including sports and recreational centers. Apart from this, the market for algaecide holds substantial use in aquaculture, surface water, agriculture, and others. The main motive of using algaecides is to terminate growth of algae.

Generally, algaecides are applied in waterbodies depending on the target species of algae. One of the key reasons driving the growth of the global algaecide market is partial eradication of algae from the water bodies. There are four types of algaecides namely, granular, liquid, pellet, and crystal available in the market for algaecide. Of them, granular algaecides hold remarkable demand from all across the world. Key reason for this growth is the ability of these algaecides to dissolve in the water bodies.

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Increased Number of Swimming Pools and Water Parks Stimulates Market Demand Avenues

In recent period, there is considerable increase in the number of swimming pools and water parks in all worldwide locations. The enterprises working in this sector are growing their efforts to attract major target audience toward recreational and sports centers. One of such efforts is to keeping these places clean and free from algae. As a result, they are increasing demand for algaecides. This factor is fueling the growth of the global algaecide market. Depending on mode of action, the market for algaecide is classified into selective and non-selective.

North America: Lucrative Region for Algaecide Market

On regional front, the market for algaecide holds remarkable growth avenues from North America. One of the key reasons for this growth is considerable number of sports and recreational centers in this region. The disposable income of the major population in this region is indirectly supporting the growth of the global algaecide market.

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