AI is Revolutionizing Surgical Robot Systems for a Better Future

The surgical robot adoption has been relatively slow in the healthcare sector. A common concern about these systems is their technical limitations. Also, they need the highest levels of precision. The science is now developing at a steady pace with better data analysis and efficient processing. Until now, there were some issues regarding the precision and movement of these surgical robots. However, that is about to change with the introduction of AI-driven diagnostics.

Introduction of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector has been nothing short of a revolution as much as a revelation. The scope of artificial intelligence in healthcare is only expanding at a great pace. It was initially limited to developing training tool for surgeons or just research. However, AI is now powering the robot-assisted surgery and making the system more efficient.

With the help of the AI, it is easy to get a more precise diagnosis of the disease and its treatment. With superior data analysis, doctors are now able to determine previously unknown risks. This is helping the robot surgical systems that are now able to use AI and healthcare data. With medical data such as X-rays, they can now diagnose patients without the physical presence of a doctor.

Moving towards Fully Automatic AI-driven Surgical Robot Systems

These robotic surgical systems are already proving to be efficient during microsurgeries. For instance, in recent research by Maastricht University Medical Center, AI-driven robot helped in suturing blood vessels that were microscopically small. Some of the vessels were as small as 0.03 millimeters in diameter.

The surgical robot systems are able to replicate the hand movement of the surgeon at a miniature scale. Artificial intelligence now helps in normalizing these robotic movements. It stops any sudden motions or tremors that may be harmful at the time of surgery. The manufacturers are now trying to develop fully-automatic surgical robot systems.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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