AI Chatbots to Help Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Artificial intelligence incarnate several benefits for healthcare and medicine. These benefits, albeit unknown to commoners, are making positive interventions in the field of medical diagnosis. A new research prototypes a chatbot-based on AI that helps people with neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD). Researchers from University of Alberta carried out the research.

Further, the chatbot simulates human conversations and repackages them through text or speech. The research aims to help families with members ailing neurodevelopmental disorders to find relevant online resources and information.

Problems in Accessing Relevant Information

Kids suffering from neurodevelopmental disabilities need adequate care and attention. However, most families remain unaware about possible pathways for neuro-care until they consult a doctor. This takes away at least a year, time that is enough to groom children with neuro-disorders. Further, studies show that around 13% Canadians have neurodevelopmental disorders. Most of them live with their disabilities all their life. Impaired learning, unstable motor function, and weak non-verbal communication are a few common NDD conditions.

It is difficult for individuals to find quality medical information on the web. Furthermore, a lot of information pieces on NDD are commercially biased or mere marketing hacks. Artificial intelligence can help resolve these problems. Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute is employing AI experts and social scientists to solve challenges to online information access. These experts will develop a chatbot that can help families and individuals in gaining access to credible information.

Developing a Virtual Healthcare Ecosystem

Researchers suggest possibility of integrating the chatbot major sites such as Google Search and Facebook. Furthermore, it could act as a search engine for NDD-specific research. Furthermore, the systems aim to create a virtual ecosystem where individuals communicate with the chatbot. The researchers are working with other Universities to collate data and websites individuals could be directed to.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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