Agrochemical Industry Harness Chlorothalonil as Broad-spectrum Fungicide of Attractive Toxicity Profile

The market for chlorothalonil has grown from strength to strength on the back of rising use as a broad-spectrum, non-systemic, and organochlorine fungicide for more than three decades. It is widely used to treat diseases in potatoes, peanuts, turf, and vegetable and fruit crops. The lower toxicity—low dermal and oral—has led to its widespread application in agriculture industry. In addition, the chlorothalonil market has benefitted from agriculturists and people using it to manage a wide range of other vegetable and orchard diseases, due to its effect in inhibiting numerous enzymatic cell processes. The increasing trend of economically sustainable agriculture has spurred the demand for chlorothalonil.

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Widespread Uptake in Agriculture Industry Spur Revenue Potential

Agrochemical manufacturers are seeing a huge potential in the market for improving the agriculture yield for several crops. They have been attracted by its low toxicity profiles. Advent of nano-pesticides has unlocked a new potential in chlorothalonil market.

Another promising area in the chlorothalonil market is the furniture industry. It is also extensively utilized as an additive in paints, resins, and emulsions. Strides made by the agriculture industry are also bolstering the prospects in the chlorothalonil market. 

Geographically, East Asia and South Asia have been witnessing the vast uptake of chlorothalonil-based in agriculture industry. These regional markets have been fuelled by the rise in demand for chlorothalonil in agriculture industry. Demands are no less lucrative in North America and Europe, but has somewhat matured. Demand for new formulations for preserving furniture and paint industry in all these regions will spur the growth momentum of the market in the next few years.

Globally, widespread demand for better-performing pesticides will expand the avenue for chemical companies in the chlorothalonil market. The drive for innovation will also unleash a new spirit of competition among top players. Some of the well-entrenched players in the market are Syngenta AG, Rallis India Limited, Dacheng Pesticide Co Ltd, Bayer Crop Science Ltd, and ABI Chemicals Germany.

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