Agrimony Market to Expand on Account of a Shift from Non-Herbal to Herbal Medical Treatments in Recent Times

The global market for agrimony is growing at a sturdy rate due to a shift from non-herbal to herbal treatments for various diseases and infections. A report by Transparency Market research (TMR) presents a pool of insights on the global market for agrimony. The title of the report is ‘Agrimony Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025’. Agrimony refers to a group of herbaceous flowering plants that endow useful medicinal properties and belongs to the rosacea family of flowering plants. Agrimony is found in abundance across the Northern Hemisphere because of the temperate conditions across the region. Furthermore, the agrimony flowers have pointed ends or spikes that that are yellow in color, and the flowers bloom during thr period between early July and September.

Use of agrimony to cure diseases is an ancient form of treatment and several brews, tonics, and solutions made up of agrimony were traditionally used during those times. The healing action of agrimony owes to the chemical composition of its flowers that have a coagulating, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and astringent effect. Hence, the demand for agrimony is expected to escalate over the coming years as the medical industry engulfs treatments based on agrimony.

Herbal treatments have come to the fore of the medical industry in recent times. Healthcare experts and doctors have conceded to the effectiveness of agrimony in treating a variety of medical conditions. Hence, the demand within the global market for agrimony is expected to trace an upward graph over the forthcoming years. Treatment of diabetes is amongst the most acclaimed advantage served by agrimony; solutions made up of agrimony help in regulating the level of insulin and glucose in the body. Respiratory disorders can also be cured through regular intake of agrimony-based tonics, and this is another driver of demand within the global market. The field of dermatology has emerged as the most prolific consumer of agrimony products because of their positive effect on human skin. Diseases and infections such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne can be cured though the use of agrimony products. In recent times, researchers have discovered anti-cancerous properties in agrimony, which is expected to take the demand to new heights over the coming years.

The contemporary trend of using herbal medications for the treatment of diseases has taken shape across Europe and North America. Owing to this trend, the demand for agrimony within these regional markets has grown by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, the faith of the people in ancient forms of treatments in India and China is expected to enhance the growth prospects of the market in Asia Pacific.

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Emorsgate Seeds, G. Baldwin & Co., Falcon Russia., Carrubba INC., and Monterey Bay Spice Company, Inc., are amongst the leading players in the global agrimony market.

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