Agriculture Analytics Market | Latest Trends and Cardinal Growth Prospects Analysis

The inroads made by agriculture analytics have made the industry more competitive and productive. The growing use cases of Big Data has taken guesswork out of for farmers and growers. The trend of bioprospecting has paved way to new avenues for making agriculture more productive over the world. Information gleaned from agriculture analytics has enriched plant-breeding efforts.

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The need for data-driven risk assessment in agriculture has bolstered the prospects in the agriculture analytics market. Particularly, the impact has been witnessed in ensuring the resilience in supply chain. Over the years, sustainable methods of crop production in agriculture have caught on momentum, driving the use cases of data science in agriculture. Expanding network of IoT devices and data centers around the world is also broadening the horizon for service providers in the agriculture analytics market. The use of Big Data for managing the health of livestock among farmers is a case in point. The demand for agriculture analytics for livestock wellness monitoring and management is boosting the market.

Urban Farming to Get Impetus from Application of Big Data

Strides in urban farming are being pivoted on the growing applications of data science tools and Big Data. The trend of embedded AI is gaining traction. Analytics and Big Data has recently expanded the potential of precision agriculture. It is a key enabler as well as accelerator for precision agriculture. This, in turn, will open new models to policy makers in various countries who are struggling to meet the sustainable production of food.

A number of agricbusiness pioneers are harping on the incredible potential of agriculture analytics in reducing the loss due to plant diseases. Also, food companies are warming up to the benefits of the data science to reduce the instances of food recalls. Growing governments’ investments on new sustainability initiatives in agriculture are expanding the canvas for cloud providers in the agriculture analytics market.  

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