AeroSpace and Defense Applications Drive Innovation in the Industrial Connector Market

Industrial connectors and multifaceted sockets, plugs, and other accessories are essential for a smooth high voltage electric supply. Industrial conditions can be potentially hazardous for humans, especially in cases of high electromagnetic interference, flammable gas, etc. Industrial electric cables often have waterproof sleeves and covers but for special conditions require additional protection and capacity. This is expected to drive the industrial connectors market in the near future.

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For example, fiber optics connectors are becoming more lucrative in defense applications. These applications require rugged optics for delivery, which can be operated through a long-distance and provide high-speed data transfers. This is driving innovation in the industrial connectors market. A rugged backplane connector launched by TE Connectivity offers up to 25 GPBS speeds for defense applications. The demand of these is also rising significantly in the automotive sector. The industrial connector market is expected to drive the automobile sector as connecting cables are essential for IOT driven and sensor laden next-gen vehicles.

Automation Expected To Drive the Industrial Connector Market

Automation driven by IOT devices relies on connecting various autonomous and complex systems. The trend is expected to reach greater heights in near future as private and public entities around the world gear up for a smarter environment. Some initiatives like smart cities require major up gradation in infrastructure including smart vehicles, smarter traffic signals, electricity poles, and many more. This infrastructure is expected to control key public services such as traffic management, energy consumption, etc. Hence, connecting these systems with reliable and effective connectors is expected to drive growth for the industrial connectors market.

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These developments are already making way for smarter electronic devices and components. Industrial connectors can today meet growing need for automation such as embedded computing, power distribution, energy efficiency, real-time communication, and productivity. Hence, the industrial connector market today serves a wide range of applications such as broadband, sustainable energy production, manufacturing automation, transportation, and heavy equipment operation. Major players in the industrial connector market are trying to get a leading edge with innovation on their competitors.

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