Advent of Biologically Stable Somatostatin Analogs Show Potential in Oncology

The somatostatin analogs market has evolved steadily over the past few years owing to relentless efforts by the research fraternity to make more efficacious and long-acting analogues. The clinical potential has notably catalyzed by the growing development of biologically stable somatostatin analogs. World over, analogs of somatostatin are being intensely scrutinized for their marked antitumor and anti-secretory effects. Over the years, our understanding of endocrine pharmacology has expanded considerably. Researchers have also been to make breakthrough in understanding the mechanism underlying the immunohistochemistry of rare tumors. All these have spurred the role of somatostatin analogs in oncology.

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Researchers Try to Utilize Antitumor Activity of Somatostatin Analogs

A growing body of vivo and in vitro studies have found promising results pertaining to the use of these analogs either alone or with certain agents. Ongoing studies intend to look at the antitumor effect of somatostatin analogs in the cancer of the breast, lung, and pancreas. Particularly, the market has seen incredibly substantial avenues in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs), a category of rare tumors.  Clinicians have benefitted from utilization of anti-neoplastic activity and in managing hormone-related symptoms in patients with GEP- NETs. The potential of the market is also underpinned by growing potential of these analogs for their antiproliferative activity.

Increasing Understanding on Pharmacology of Somatostatin Analogs Opens New Avenues

Advances made in techniques for making stable analogs have also boosted the market. A number of long-lasting somatostatin analogs have made way to the medical sector. A case in point is octreotide long-acting repeatable (LAR). As understanding of pharmacology of these somatostatin analogs will make strides in the coming years, new opportunities will come to the fore for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. World over, governments and the healthcare system as a whole are relentlessly working on improving the survival rate of patients with cancer. This will bolster new streams of investments in the somatostatin analogs market.

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