Advances in Imaging Technologies Drive Sarcoma Biopsy Market

Expanding understanding of the epidemiology, diagnosis, and the management of sarcomas is a key driver for the strides in the sarcoma biopsy market. Adoption of multimodality treatments is a notable trend in the management of primary soft-tissue sarcomas (STS) has reinforced the clinical utility of biopsies. Sarcomas have been found in patients of all age groups and pose a considerable challenge for orthopedic oncologists. Rising incidence of bone and STS is a key trend boosting the evolution of the sarcoma biopsy market. STS mostly affects lower limbs.

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Growing demand for core-biopsy sampling of superficial masses is bolstering new product developments in the sarcoma biopsy market. Over the years, the acquisition of biopsy material has proved to be of great clinical significance. The clinical outcomes have been boosted by increasing clinical expertise in multidisciplinary teams. In particular, radiologists play a crucial role in helping the team to choose the appropriate biopsy technique.

Advances in imaging techniques opening new prospects

Advances in imaging techniques and biopsy devices have minimised contamination of surrounding structures, a key consideration to get the correct picture in the treatment of patients. The growing popularity of needle biopsies has boosted the expansion of the sarcoma biopsy market.

Growing popularity of US- or CT-guided core needle biopsies in necrotic areas is unlocking new revenue stream for players in the sarcoma biopsy market. Rising number of patient population preferring sarcoma biopsies in tumor centre is also a key clinical trend. Advent of new platforms and specialty centers for CTC is boosting the sarcoma biopsy market. In particular, considerable advances have been made in improving the results of chemotherapy are bolstering the expansion of the sarcoma biopsy market. There is a close link between sarcoma biopsy and chemotherapy.

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