Advancements in Characterization of Viral Vectors Boosts Viral Vector and Plasmid DNA Testing Services Market

The drive for viral vector and plasmid DNA testing services market stems from the vast potential of viral vectors in delivering genetic materials into cells. Advances in delivery systems for gene therapies have shapes some contour of the market. They are preferred for two reasons: natural ability to invade cells and ability to modulate genetic payload to meet the required therapeutic use.

A key trend that has bolstered the pace of evolution of the market is growing therapeutic interest in double-stranded, circular DNA molecules. They have come to occupy a substantial potential in genetic engineering.

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Advancements in characterization of viral vectors are also boosting the viral vector and plasmid DNA testing services market. End users and researchers are benefitting from the safety, low toxicity, and stability of viral vectors. They can easily be used to transfect many specific cell types, thereby bolstering the popularity of viral vector and plasmid DNA testing services to meet customized demands.

Over the years, new transfection methods have come to the fore. However, limitations in the effectiveness of viral vectors in the same patient has garviated players for looking for non-viral vectors. A case in point is adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors. Further, viral vectors are prone to gene disruption.

On the other hand, new techniques have come to the fore that enables isolation of plasmid DNA. Also, companies in the viral vector and plasmid DNA testing services market are focusing on reducing the risk of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors.

North America to be Lucrative Market

Geographically, North America has been generating substantial revenue streams for players in the viral vector and plasmid DNA testing services market. Companies across the region are focusing on inorganic growth strategies.

Some of the top players in the viral vector and plasmid DNA testing services market are Eurofins Scientific, WuXi AppTec Group, Lonza Group Ltd., Cobra Biologics and Pharmaceutical Services, Advanced Bioscience Laboratories, Inc., and Charles River Laboratories International, Inc.

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