Adoption of Sharps Containers to Reduce Incidence of Needle-Stick Injuries

The drive for sharps containers stemmed from the adoption of safe and environmentally friendly ways of waste disposal in the healthcare industry. World over, such practices have gathered traction, especially in emerging economies. These geographies have been witnessing substantial advances in their medical infrastructure. The sharps containers market has also gathered a marked impetus from numerous countries increasingly focusing on adopting hazard disposal practices. The initiatives are helping them comply with pharmaceutical regulations.

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Increased awareness of the need for proper waste disposal practice among clinicians and healthcare staff reduce the risk of injury as well as infections from sharps, including contaminated needles and syringes. Sharps containers have been playing a crucial role here. Growing incidence of needle-stick injuries in various healthcare settings has bolstered the demands for sharps containers. Recently, as homecare is making notable strides, the use of sharps containers among caregivers at home settings will witness a significant growth. The trend will boost the prospects in the sharps containers market.

Biodegradable Materials for Containers Make Manufacturers Environmentally Responsible

Over the past few years, manufacturers in the sharps containers market have been unveiling products that are autoclave and incinerator-safe. This will go a long way to ensuring that waste disposable processes should also be environmentally friendly and sustainable. They have also benefitted from the advent of better puncture-resistant materials with low environmental footprint. An example is sharps containers made of biodegradable materials, which is expected to attract large numbers of big manufacturers focusing on developed and developing markets.

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Clearance of sharps disposal containers by regulatory agencies has been a key factor boosting the attractiveness quotient of these products, especially in developed economies. A case in point is FDA-cleared sharps containers. The advent of containers that are easy to operate has also fueled their consumption in key healthcare markets around the world.

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