Adoption of 3D Printing to Transform Cosmetic Dentistry Market in Near Future

The cosmetic dentistry is getting increasingly entrenched in the aesthetic consciousness of general populace. The spiralling popularity has been majorly fuelled by ongoing the media fads and social trends. Awareness about the invasive cosmetic procedures has also increased among young adults. Specialist dental societies and cosmetic surgeons have been gearing toward drawing attention toward non-invasive procedures. Emerging patients’ demands for looking youthful and undergoing voluntary cosmetic dental improvements, increasingly in the developing world, have shaped the evolution trajectories of the cosmetic dentistry market.

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Customization of Dental Implants to Attract Patients

The advent of 3D printing for tooth has transformed the area of cosmetic dentistry. In many developed countries, the trend of using 3D printing technology in aiding in the manufacturing process of dentures has caught on momentum. Growing adoption of CAD/CAM technologies has helped clinicians to customize dental implants to meet the emerging demands in the cosmetic dentistry market. Over the past few years, dental specialist are likely to leverage high-end dental 3D printers. The commercialization of 3D printers in dentistry will open new vistas in the market in the next 10 years. The use of such cutting-edge technologies will also open new paradigms in reversing aging process for teeth.

The trend of using 3D printers by cosmetic dental services providers will bring new gains to patients undergoing  esthetic restorative procedures. 3D dental imaging technologies, such as CBCT scanners, are improving the safety parameters by limiting the radiation. Growing awareness about the benefits of such technologies will help expand the revenue potential in the global cosmetic dentistry market. On the other hand, dentists are gearing toward expanding their expertise and undergoing training to update their skills needed to operate advanced devices for esthetic restorative procedures.

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