Adoption of Gesture Recognition Adds New Dimension to Smartphones

San Francisco, California, February 08, 2018 – Gesture recognition is perceived as the next big thing that will take capabilities of smartphones to new heights. At its core, gesture recognition is a combination of hardware and software that interprets human motion and converts it into signals to be used for various digital purposes. Touchless sensing is another technology in rapid growth mode to bring about paradigm shift in human-machine interface. Due to the significance of gesture recognition and touchless sensing for evolution of intuitive user interfaces in electronic devices, the gesture recognition and touchless sensing market will rise at an impressive pace, says a new market study by TMR Research. The report is titled “Gesture Recognition and Touchless Sensing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

At present, hand gesture recognition is the newest user-interface advancement that smartphones are equipped with. Gestures enable users to perform specific tasks in a highly efficient and dynamic manner. Some commonly used gestures for smartphones are swipe to unlock, pull to refresh, and pinch to zoom. Leaping from basic gestures, technology companies are trying to incorporate touch-free gesture controls.

Touchless sensing is a feature that will add a whole new dimension to mobile games and applications in smartphones. Bowling, playing rock-paper-scissors, and throwing darts are some examples wherein touchless sensing enables reality-like experience.

The rising adoption of gesture recognition technology in automotive design is one of the key trends observed in the global gesture recognition and touchless sensing market. Over the past few decades, the automotive industry has witnessed remarkable growth due to development of advanced automotive electronics. Newer automotive electronics that are increasingly being installed in automobiles are equipped with gesture recognition and touchless sensing features. This allows drivers to command navigation system, entertainment systems, and window control using hand gestures without actually pressing buttons to carry out a function.

The rising adoption of digital solutions in a large number of industries is another key factor behind the growth of gesture recognition and touchless sensing market. Manufacturing units heading towards digitization are increasingly adopting in gesture recognition technology for operating machines. Industrial personnel can carry out switching on and switching off functions or even controlling the speed of machines using gesture recognition. This saves manual effort for industrial personnel. Gesture recognition is increasingly finding extensive applications in packaging processes for economic benefits, thereby benefitting the gesture recognition and touchless sensing market.

On the downside, high cost factor of gesture recognition and touchless sensing technology is acting as a challenge to the market’s growth. Nevertheless, incorporating gesture recognition in smartphones will not impact cost significantly due to the small size of smartphones. Thus, ceaseless adoption of smartphones that are equipped with newer technology by the day is likely to bode well for the growth of gesture recognition and touchless sensing market. The highly power-intensive nature of gesture recognition and touchless sensing is also slowing its adoption.

The gesture recognition and touchless sensing technology market features a fragmented competitive landscape. However, the market is anticipated to witness some degree of consolidation as the conventions in the industry get concretized. Key companies operating in the global gesture recognition and touchless sensing technology market include Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Google Inc., Apple Inc., Crossmatch, Cognitec Systems GmbH, Infineon Technologies AG, Sony Corporation, and Microsoft Corporation.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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