Active Smart and Intelligent Packaging Market Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2030

In recent times, demand for ready-to-eat, frozen, and packaged food items has been rising sharply due to the increasing global population and urban lifestyle trends. The packaging industry has been focusing on the development of solutions that assure optimum food security whilst also maintaining nutritional value at affordable prices. This is done with the supply of frozen food, meat produce, exotic vegetables and fruits across geographical boundaries. Transports of such products are likely to open up plenty of opportunities for the global active smart and intelligent packaging market in the near future.

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Conventional to progressive packaging of food and beverage items has changed drastically. Conventional packaging focuses primarily on issues of safety from the elements.  Advanced packaging solutions, however, interacts with the environment externally (intelligent packaging) as well as internally (active packaging) and increases the aesthetic appeal of the products. As a result, food and beverage manufacturers, as well as packaging manufacturers, are researching on how microbial, chemical, and physical textures alter within packaged foods. All these benefits are anticipated to foster growth of the global active smart and intelligent packaging market in the years to come.

Rising Demand for Convenience Food Items is Expected to Pave Way for its Growth

Due to increased demand for convenience food items such as demand for sustainable packaging,  tighter food safety regulations, and ready-to-cook meals, the advanced packaging technology industry is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. In addition to that, factors attributed to the growth of global active smart and intelligent packaging market include supply chain inefficiencies, manufacturers’ concern for longer shelf life of food items, food waste, and rising consumer health consciousness. Furthermore, consumers’ confidence in packaged food, well-organized food safety legislation, the threat of bio-terrorism, and expanded applications of frozen food items and ready-to-eat meals have created a huge demand for advanced packaging technology worldwide.

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